27 December 2007

A Busy Year, for all

Dear Folks,

It has been a very busy year for everyone.
Thanks must go to colleagues studying at West Georgia together with me - my overall conclusion is that in distance education particularly - it is the students that make the learning happen. So much work has followed on from those studies. Especially my reports to the Asian Association of Open Universities, and presentation to Beijing Normal University. I thank all concerned.

All Best Wishes to you for the New Year !

For those of you interested, next year will be the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and a special issue of six journals worldwide will commemorate this anniversary with papers published on Article 26 the Right to Education. For details go to the homepage of the Asian Journal of Distance Education here at http://www.AsianJDE.org and click on the Special Issue button on the left column menu.

If anyone wants more information please email to me.
Talk to you, next year -


09 December 2007

rss feeds might timeout

Dear Folks,
While I have been sojourning in the garden, it seems that some of you who regularly follow this blog through receiving the rss feed may have had transmission interrupted. I guess your rss feed has timed out. This blog is still active, though I have been busy updating my website to incorporate it there (you might need this URL for later access ;- http://www.open-ed.net . The blog is on a top left button marked 'blog' beneath the title banner.

Well I hope rss feeds do time out ... since this will prevent my hard disk crashing from overload if I ever click accidently on my 'blogbridge' alligator. I am sure it works fine, but who has three or four hours each day to keep up. I do - of course, but not during the hibernation season.

By the way, while I wrote yonks ago about there are more blogs in Japan than in any one country, this was picked up by the newspaper media and in the daily paper yesterday -- I guess electronic media is faster !!

All Best Wishes

PS I hope this short utterance reactivates your rss feeds ...