25 March 2007

Bucket not in so regular a shape ...

Hi folks,
I sometimes wonder - well mostly everyday - what is worthwhile posting up in a blog. Most bloggers give a family history. Yet for educational purposes I wonder if I should just stay with what I read, studied, learnt, and reflected upon today. (For those who really want to know, I am deliberating the disadvantages of student autonomy... ... )

Well, with a bucket and spade today I moved half of the delivered mountain of 24000kg of gravel ( crushed stones ) for re-surfacing my parking area at my home. I moved to re-cycle another 2000kg of sand - all by hand of course - and rescued three little plants that had taken root ( likely seeded by fruit pips dropped by migrating or local birds ) and re-planted these carefully in my Japanese-style garden.

Now I am not sure if all this counts as educational, but even teachers should take time out and exercise a bit.
( I don't mention the hours before dawn, and just after, spent editing and answering email ... )

These points probably say a lot about my attitude to work and helping students in need.

Anyway, this may be a self-introduction of sorts : - who I am, what I do, and how I tick.
If any of you are in the area of southern Japan, you are very welcome to freely stay over, and enjoy the mountain life in this hermit-quiet corner of Japan.

Maybe in a few days I'll post up a photo or two.
All Best Wishes

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Janet P Gubbins said...

I'm nowhere near southern Japan... but my husband's coursin's daughter is studying there. I shall find out where specifically and her send her your way ;-)