29 March 2007

Reasons against autonomy . . .

Fellow Students / Teachers,
Musing out loud, if language resides in a different area of the brain from other memory, and if language learning is different from other learning, then language learning autonomy cannot be equated with learning autonomy. My current studies are in the area of autonomy, and it seems that while generally learner autonomy may be a good thing, language learner autonomy is not. And not only this, but it would also follow from adult education theory, that adult language learning autonomy must at many times be diminished in order to complete the language learning task at hand.
I don't see that we can with a broad brush say that learning autonomy is a goal of education.

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Janet P Gubbins said...

hmmm... Paul, this is very deep...
and yet somewhere along the way I think I get your point. "No man is an island"