27 March 2007

For Your Information ...

Hi folks,
For your information, if any of you are interested, I have a small library online at
For example, the left-side menu button can guide you to 'Definitions'
which I have collected over the years
( somewhat superseded now by google-searching on define:thisterm )
but my collection does give the various definitions by authorities in distance education
one-by-one with full lit ref - ideal for your writing that academic paper
where you may select which definition best expresses your point :)
And 3700 or so other Papers and Books.
If you need any help in getting a copy for private non-commercial use
- these are on my shelf here (maybe !) - please ask.
The 3700 are given by first-author alphabetically and year.

The RLOs are under-construction, and dozens are ready now, but how to upload large files ?

You will need to have the free Flash reader installed.
Well, talk to you all tomorrow.
All Best Wishes

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