24 July 2007

Impatica Presentation on e-Learning

Hi Folks,

You might be interested in viewing my latest Impatica work. This presentation introduces e-learning starting from the basics and is interactive : users should pause to answer the questions and puzzles. I have made this for new online students and those new to online course designing. This a simple no-voice-over slide presentation with forward, pause, back controls for use in class or by students at home. The presentation is fairly standalone, although I do offer pdf handouts as additional notes to you and your students.
Please download the four-page easy-going pdf from here http://www.open-ed.net/e4/eLearning1.pdf and here http://www.open-ed.net/e4/eLearning2.pdf
and then view the presentation here http://www.open-ed.net/e4/eLearning.html
or if you wish you may access, adapt and use the original powerpoint from here
Enjoy !
All Best Wishes

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