08 July 2007

Infacta PollDaddy easy tool

Hi Folks,

It really does take only two minutes to create this simple instant poll using the tool by Infacta at http://www.PollDaddy.com . The content here was not my primary concern in investigating this tool, which rather was to see how easy it would be to create an instant poll. I chose the White Plastic Standard style to match my Mac. They offer a wide range of templates or you can design your own.
The only difficulty ( took me a few seconds ) was that after choosing 'Custom Style' then it moves to 'Preview Style' and stops. There is no way on the main page to move on. However the tool bar gives 'Custom Styles' followed to the right by 'Widgets' and though I don't want widgets just my html code, I clicked the banner tool bar and it moved on to my widget html, copied and pasted that here within two minutes.
Now back to Raptivity for further study . . .
All Best Wishes

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