17 July 2007

Podcast Update : additional access

Dear Folks,

I have received notice that low-bandwidth connection might prevent your access to my Series 5 Podcasts on Using Wikis in Distance Education through the Studio.Odeo website (thanks Pam). I too have found some recent difficulties with Odeo. The series however are also available on iTunes, as indicated in the screen grab a few days ago of the iTunes Application available on Mac/Linux/PC - and also through the rss feed to my podcasts in my left column margin here. Additionally you may like to access them directly from my podcasting website at


I can of course email them directly - or snail-mail them on CD-ROM ;-)
All Best Wishes

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Diane M said...


I really enjoyed listening to your podcasts and reading the posts on your blog. You have a lot of information of great value to all of us who teach.