13 June 2007

Cyberlearning Definition

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Several people have asked me what did I mean when I talked about 'cyber universities'.
The earliest literature reference I can find (so far) is by Chen (2002). She coined the term one year earlier in a Paper, but here below she gives a definition.
You may recall that I mentioned the new Cyber University in Fukuoka, Japan, opened in April 2007, and more than one have been open for a couple of years in Korea administered by a consortium of universities, I believe.

As for a definition, I quote ; "Open and distance education … has evolved into the third phase – cyberlearning – conceptualized as teaching and learning interactions mediated entirely through the application of state-of-the-art information and communications technologies, such as the Internet and world wide web ... They offer real-time multicast instructional systems using videoconferencing and cable TV technology, virtual classroom systems via network-based instructional management systems, and curriculum-on-demand systems utilizing video-on-demand technology ... these cyber universities ...”
Chen, Y-J. (2002 ; p1). The development of cyberlearning in dual-mode higher education institutions in Taiwan. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 2 (2).

See also Chen, Y-J. (2001). Cyber university and adult learning. Adult Education Bimonthly, 59, 30-39. And the term 'cyberlearning' was (perhaps) first given by Han, H-W., & Wang, Y-C. (1999). Lifelong cyberlearning system : A pilot project for the learning society in the ROC. Educational Media International, 36 (2), 115-120.

I have several thousand definitions of concepts and terminology in education up on my website, in searchable alphabetic order with full literature citations - with many definitions from different authorities of the same term, to help you in your learning.
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