03 June 2007

How to Annoy Visitors with a Perpetual Pop-Up

Hi Folks,
Well it's a sunny cool Monday morning out here in Japan.
And about ten weeks now since I started this blog
If it disappears from blogspot, then you can find the archive and new version on my website at www.open-ed.net . Please continue visiting there.

Ten weeks, ten weeks ... now ten weeks I have been visiting a certain study website that is run using WebCT and every time I am faced with this pop-up quiz incessantly blocking the screen. It is a great example of how NOT to design an online quiz.

Apologies to the team of quiz so-called-experts who thought this one up, but in my case and in each case of all the other newly enrolled visitors who similarly want to answer 'no experience' in all areas - this pop-up just WON'T EVER go away. Of course, I could answer the quiz, saying I have experience in one or more of the areas (not true) and it ?might? go away - but it probably would pop-up back to me with a loooongerr pop-up quiz :-(
Frustrating is not the word here. Perhaps 'annoyed' is better - annoyed at the designer's presumptious narrow-minded view. No doubt the designer was and still is (and will ever be) hoping to collect data online for his/her doctoral dissertation, and disserves every sympathy. My advice is 'Please re-design your pop-up quiz'.
All Best Wishes

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