20 June 2007

Older and Wiser - Part II

Hi Folks,
Well, I am analysing the findings from SurveyMonkey, not purely for WestGa but for my own practical use. I notice yet more demerits along the way, sadly and annoyingly.
(1) Firstly their pop-up continues to plague and contaminate my peaceful blog, no matter how much I delete my membership with them.

(2) Secondly I am just confused. I adopted their template question (my mistake) for MultiText Boxes ;- my question five = Please list your top three favourite activities for learning English (choose from ; talking, listening, watching video, reading, writing) followed my label 1st then a text box, my label 2nd then text box, and then my label 3rd and textbox.

To me, this was a simple question along the lines of their sample 'Please list your top three favourite brands of peanut butter.' One [text box], Two [ text box] Three [ text box], given above.
Mine was a loaded question since were expected to respond video, and the following question then asked which activity they would prefer to combine with video - quite useful data for me. However, it then proceeded to demand from my respondents a digital number, not text. Luckily for me I had included a closed list from which they might choose their response, and luckily for me too my students realized the confusion and input digital numbers.

Moving along a bit, I notice that the output list of respondents if you click any [view] box the respondent number-1 is Asuka according to the individual answer sheets for each respondent with the 'time started' recorded in minutes-and-seconds. Asuka was the earliest to 'start'.

But the responses elsewhere are collated in reversed order according to the minute - so the earliest three respondents are not in correct order by seconds but junked together as within the same minute - Asuka appearing as third-from-bottom instead of most-bottom, for example in any other question the [view] box gives a number to the the entry (here the bottom three 20, 19 and 18 were completed earliest - number-18 Asuka was earliest to the minute-and-second but appears as number 18.

Such a mess, and they call that analysis ! Well, I have printed out each completed response form, and will do the analysis myself. And I won't subscribe to MonkeyMonkey.
All Best Wishes

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