02 June 2007

Skype and Yahoo Messenger

Hi Folks,
I hope everyone is coming along fine.
June is here, and the rainy season (like monsoon) has started here in Japan.

Well, I downloaded the latest version of Skype version and am pleased to say it looks and sounds like it is working. My Skype-name is paul-5 and user name is - you guessed it - Paul Kawachi.
I also joined Yahoo Messenger and there my email address is paulkawachi@yahoo.com . Other email for google is paulkawachi@gmail.com , though I hardly use this as a mailbox. All this paul-stuff is because I can never remember all those super catchy nicknames that seem epidemic, and I still believe 'simple-is-best'. Good times to catch me online is any time I am here at home ; most of Saturday and Sunday, and most evenings except Wednesday. Please try to remember Japan time is GMT +9 hours ... if you hope to catch me awake :-)
Don't waste your free five minutes of Skype trying to get through to me on my landline - my computer usually answers - better try someone you know is there then to pick up your call.
Many thanks in advance (for your patience and kind conversation)
All Best Wishes

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