10 June 2007

Further analyses

Hi Folks,
Well, I succeeded in getting lots of data from my students. They were pretty simple data just to test out the technology and learn the idiosyncrasies of the technology. Nonetheless, the survey was a formative course assessment design, and the data are useful to consider fine-tuning the second half of their course.

I am learning to live now with the snag-it screen-grab images provided by WestGa that don't match what I see on screen - presumably because their screen shots were collected for use last year and not yet updated. This note is more a reminder to me to always go through the online courseware myself just prior to letting it loose on the world, and time permitting to go through the course again in real-time alongside the students checking for any broken links or old screen shots that could then be immediately repaired. While this could and should be done by the course writer prior to the start of the course, there is nothing as sharp and eagle-eyed as a bunch of hyperactive students.

Concerning administration of the survey, the screen-grabs did not match the current options given online by SurveyMonkey- for example; WestGa instruct 'the third option -Send link to your email list', thus

This is now perhaps the first default choice at SurveyMonkey, although it looks like the current third choice. Confusing.
The first given default choice gives me the URL for my survey - the same as that printed on the bottom of the paper when printing out tthe online survey from SurveyMonkey and used in my posting yesterday. Typing in that URL needs hyperfocal attention, so I copied and pasted it as a hypertext link into email to each student along with a personal invitation from me and a deadline by when they should complete the survey.

I tried all three options. The second requested I send my email list tio them, and they can administer the survey and automatically 'track who responds' in my list. I was a bit cautious here, in case they deluge my students with massive instructions and incomprehensible warnings to complete the survey while they watch. Anyway I didn't have the student email list at hand - not that I would have given it to them anyway - it's still illegal in Japan unless the email owner expressly agrees.

I tried the third item too for the html code, which was cool.

All Best Wishes

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