22 June 2007

On Reflecting

Hi Folks,
I have been reflecting on my Post earlier today, especially on the sentences about students in a virtual classroom raising their hands to signal cueing. How can students within a group given only as logged-in names signal to the teacher ? It really does seem that a little 'raise a hand' tab button works ideally. Notwithstanding this, it does bring to my mind the methods used in my infant school days. I just wonder whether this is too harsh a criticism of the technique, or merely simplicity itself. In a large class, we cannot be efficient if all students are talking simultaneously and some technique must be employed.
I don't know what alternative could be viable in practice. This would lead me further along in my belief that synchrony is not as good as asynchronous messaging, email, discussion board and so on - that have the time between utterances for deeper reflection and informed response.
Still reflecting . . . and in this asynchronous blog, I have the time between utterances to think and study, read and weigh possible alternatives . . .
All Best Wishes

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