11 June 2007

Simplified insertion of photo

Hi Folks,
Really for the Mac-users out there, but maybe the PC-users will want to switch over after this ...
After you download the free widget 'Image Upload' from Apple.com/downloads/dashboard, all you need to do is drag your image with the mouse - at the same time press F12 to callup the Dashboard - and then drop the image onto this widget. It produces an URL in your pasteboard for you to just 'paste' into your text in email, html (here), website or wherever. Voila -> http://tinyurl.com/ynsdgy
You can see how useful this will be - avoiding the needed to get into your server to upload a photograph and then type out the URL. Many thanks to the widget 'Image Upload' designer !

(photo of my garden recycle energy generator)
All Best Wishes

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