03 June 2007


Hi Folks, Greetings !
Well I tested out VoIP Skype with CapeTown and had a most enjoyable chat for one hour free - thanks Skype !
A little practice is needed to pause after a sentence, to wait to hear if the other speaker has started speaking - to take account of the few seconds delay for the voice to travel (undersea ? or satellite in tthe sky?) -
and no sooner had we set a day and time for a next chat, then Yahoo was ringing with my good friend from Delhi online.

He remarked he has Skype, which -with a large screen - I could access simultaneously, and called him on Skype too. He said on Yahoo his mic was not working, but that his speakers were - so he listened to me over Skype while I read his writing on Yahoo Messenger. This overcame the delays in typing on Yahoo in which messages often arrived a little delayed causing the transcript to appear a bit juggled.

Here is a Yahoo screen grab of this quite amazing experience -
All Best Wishes

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