10 June 2007

Older and Wiser

Hi Folks
A few comments on yesterday's offerings.

When I designed my survey (being an obsessive skeptic), I added the consecutive question number to the initial position of each question - since it was not given in the template. Fool that I was, the software then added the question numbers automatically, so I went back and deleted my numbering to avoid the questions looking like "1.1. Please ... " "2.2. Please ... " , and so on until 10.10. And the resulting survey looked okay.
However after collecting the data, the SurveyMonkey analysis deletes all their numbering leaving my results without any numbers. This is not too much strain on my memory - over only ten questions - I can recall what was Q7 without too much effort. But if this was my target survey on learning styles that has 76 items and which need to be re-sorted from random ordering into the ten Areas of Concern and then entered into SPSS, I would need the number to be given beside the response boxes in the analysis ! Not really angry, just disappointed that I had already thought of that, but their software is deceptive - hoping I guess when we have collected all our data to see the numbers are missing that we would sign up for the $$ upgrade $$.
May as well add this other point of curiosity that has resolved itself after looking at the analysis. They don't tell you why they want you to input your time zone. But then in the analysis they give you the time that each respondent 'started' the survey. The time is given correct to the second. Alas, they don't say what time this actually means, was it the time the respondent first set eyes on the questions, or the time (after reading and studying the questions for hours ?) when the respondent entered the first response. They don't give a finishing time, when the respondent presses 'done' - though that should be easiest technologically. And no data on the duration taken by the respondent - potentially very useful for a timed-limited-duration online examination. (I'll take a peek at their software html code, and talk more on this later.) I guess they really really want us to sign up for the upgrade version.
Time for a cup of tea.
All Best Wishes

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Janet P Gubbins said...

WOW! Paul, you are so very good about catching these things. To be honest, I've only tried SurveyMonkey a couple of time but I never caught either issue.