29 May 2007

Online Safety becomes an Issue

Hi Folks,
I thought very much before deciding that this was worth posting here.
There is a very good vlog available through Technorati and it is crosslinked to the movie up on YouTube in the open public domain without parental controls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtvKLtMnH4U about 'How to Vlog' aimed at new shy beginners - like me.

I was impressed by that episode, and would rank it pretty highly in quality. It was my own fault I guess, but I went to watch any other vlog by tthe same author. This was my mistake. Next to the 'How to vlog' one is another made just before the above one and is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CJmHboejhMXX . I don't give the hot link to it out of deep reservations and alarm. I would like to echo yet again Pam's message of online safety - and as Pam says it my duty and the duty of everyone to be responsible for protecting others. I just awaoke from nightmares still - an extremely shocking vlog - I added two xx onto the http as further precaution against your accidentally watching it. I give the URL to illustrate the point for academic reference. But you should not watch the last half of the violence. Just my humble opinion, folks. How do you think ? Is concern about online safety something for everyone else but not for you and me ?

I gave the author the benefit of doubt after watching his quite excellent 'How to vlog', but I was mistaken. I had hoped to find an equally good or better instructional vlog. My price paid so far is learning something I hope I never need, and the loss of one night's sleep. Oh I am all for strolling around the city centre in the twilight zone, and similarly I watch action movies like Narc to learn the darker side of humanity, to become a better wiser teacher and protector for my friends and students. Wow, I would caution against any use and any access to YouTube in schools or the home - since this stuff can get tthrough filtering. I was shocked, you would be too. Don't watch any other vlogs by this author. Being a teacher does have responsibilities, and teachers should also discuss these and determine where to draw the line. Maybe you don't draw the line where I do. Fair enough, but I draw the line there, and your comments are invited below (they get moderated - since I draw a line somewhere there too).
All Best Wishes

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Stacey said...

Hi Paul:

I completely understand your point in that we have to be careful about what we share over the internet--especially in protecting our young.