25 April 2007


Hi Folks,
This post is on the utilization of the Delphi technique.
(Please google-search on "Delphi technique", if you want more details than given in this link.) How should we judge the efficacy and usefulness of a podcast? Well, WestGa indicate fairly clearly that "We're looking at podcasting for instructions", so we can surmise this means for educational purposes - instructor-to-students, the one-way delivery of technical guidance. The Dephi technique can help to narrow down the criteria either of a group or of oneself. I have a lot of criteria in my mind, and then after listening to a range of podcasts, I can score each criterion on importance to obtain my own short-list of criteria for a good podcast. Listeners are so diverse in their needs and wants, I don't think we can form a small set of shared group criteria.

After subscribing to several and also downloading and listening to many more, my own individual criteria in order of decreasing importance are

(1) use clear, concise, coherent English, and with vivid enthusiastic tone,
(2) short duration, within ten minutes, (those at 30 minutes long became a drag on my time and attention),
(3) have short theme music at the beginning and at the end, to help me recall the podcast topic context and related prior knowledge and schema in my mind,
(4) ?

I am still thinking if these three are an adequate set, maybe a fourth will materialize with more experience. Of much less importance, is to have two persons involved, and to include text or graphics, and have no overbearing advertising or self-promotion.

Next, I will apply these three criteria to my favourite podcasts, with discussion, tomorrow.
All Best Wishes

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