18 April 2007

Discussion on Using Audio Media

Hi Folks,
It seems to me that several new bloggers - especially teachers - have proffered reasons why they do not think audio is used much in online education, reasons why they do not yet use audio files, and then say they may try to introduce and utilize audio files soon in their courses.

Is this just a novelty effect, an interviewer effect, or is it a Hawthorne Effect ?
(if you don't know what these are, then we certainly need more discussion)

The adoption and utilization of audio files in online education is worthwhile discussing.
And I am putting together a posting on the topic.
All Best Wishes

Those who do read this blog might like to share in my happiness that I finally succeeded in Control-Click downloading my audio files from Odeo to my desktop and uploading them to my website (see below 'Audio-blogging' posted 13 April 2007). This is important since Odeo may or may not work in the future, or various technological changes might make Odeo-stored files inaccessible. (They have, I believe no advertising -like google -pasted on yet, but there seems to be a limit on the number of free accesses to your stored recording - check out their Odeo help FAQs.)

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