10 April 2007

Networked blog- it works !!

Hi Folks,
Great news !
( though I am bit shy I may be re-inventing the wheel )
I had much trouble with email reports from cohorts of students last year,
and wondered if a blog would work for us - and it does !!
I tested it out today with my multimedia students.
I set up before class a gmail address and password, and signed into blogger.
Then in today's lesson all students signed in on multiple computers
at the same time to the same google account, password and blog.

I was a bit concerned that only one machine - perhaps the first to log-in - would
be able to post or comment etc, but no, all the machines could simultaneously
post and edit, comment on the same one blog.
This means I can use peer-correction and writing,
and my simultaneous guidance, and my comment assessments,
and each small group of three or four students can post up
a message - under a group name/pseudonym - and can comment on the
messages from other groups : all in real-time synchronously.
Well, I was amazed.
We don't need to worry so much about our college email server
from now on, and they can access the blog from the school cafeteria
( no email is allowed from there, only internet access ->-> blog !! )
or from home at any time and at any place, and collaborate together
by co-editing each other.
All is a dream come true.

Now about adding the telephony...

Best Wishes to All,
I am really happy this course provides such tangible benefits
resolving real prior troubles, and directly helping my students !
My thanks to WestGeorgia.

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rameshsharma said...

Dear Paul

Congratulations, I like your dress too!