20 April 2007

The Value of $$ilence

Hi Folks,
On the new Law governing Your Public Internet Audio Casts

As you may have heard,
earlier this week (on Monday, 16th April 2007) the law changed for radio DJ's paying royalties for playing a pop-song.
Though an appeal is being positioned, it would seem that henceforth the royalty may be increased -
however the Copyright Royalty Board -- which is Las Vegas-based by the way :)
-- has said the royalty fee is now calculated on the average number of listener x hours.
Luckily for me no-one reads my blog, much less listens to my Odeo or voice, and I should be safe since only one person at WestGa probably listened only to the first few seconds - busy that they are - and the pop / classical music I like to listen to perchance in the background was likely not noticed by anyone except Pam (Thanks Pam) (aaahhh that makes two listeners...)

Well e-copyright and e-law governs us all, and what we borrow for our lessons (students pay for these and these are thus a commercial event ... ignorance is no excuse for not following the law) and the websites belonging to others to which we guide our students become an issue of increasing concern and currency.

So far this applies only to the States,
and South Africa and Japan are still in the clear,
and a US Congress law five years ago exempted small broadcasters from royalty rates.

Well, stay tuned in, folks.

All Best Wishes

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