16 April 2007

The English language ...

Hi Folks,
I read today that Generation Z - the uncaring youth - are the source of so much junk English being used nowadays. (Thanks -Pam) One wonders why those who apparently are native-speakers are so uncaring in their use of English - a wonderful language constituting each day more and more of the language passing as Japanese.

Several words are new to English such as the verb to 'scrap' - which I naively thought meant to discard something useless or disused, but the OED gods now inform me that the new meaning is to'pick up some small piece of discarded paper and keep it as treasure within a book for the purpose' from the Japanese 'scrap-suru' = to do or make a scrap-book. So we are all learners, beginners and should be tolerant of diversity.

However, that is no excuse for those of you using such poor grammar (I am struggling with understanding) in this online course !
English should be clear, concise, and coherent.
Can you understand the instructions given for Assignment 1 Module 3 ; "...tell in writing you think .." ??
I blame the typewriter.

So much stress to understand such bad English.
All Best Wishes

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