20 April 2007

Online Audio record / playback Quality

Hi Folks,
Just a short posting today.
I have listened to Pam's Gabcast, and I have listened to Pam's Odeo-cast.
It is clear that the qualities of the record / playback differ significantly.
This is probably dating me to pre-internet days, but I remember when Dolby first came out, and there was a lot of discussion on their technology - of putting the large range of human-voice tones onto narrow audio-tape bandwidth by reflecting or bouncing back those tones heading off the top or bottom end of the available bandwidth.
If this was not reflected back, then the cut-off frequency at the top end (and at that at the bottom end) would sound overly dense or 'coloured'. The Dolby word and technology is highly protected by copyright (I hope they don't hammer me for discussing them here) and as far as I know does not come free.

Maybe we should not be using these free software audio services like Gabcast and Odeo...
Perhaps - and I am going to search through this issue - there is Dolby Audio for online education, and at low cost but superb quality. You pay for what you get. And the free stuff is ...

You may HEAR more from me (yawn) on the topic of audio.
All Best Wishes

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