16 April 2007

Wimba Voice Board

Hi Folks,
Talking about Wimba Voice Board (Assignment 2, Module 3) which I read soooo easily integrates with WebCT ... Is it possible to copy and paste the Wimba recording to our blog ? (in a way similar to Odeo)
See http://www.wimba.com/products/voicetools/ for pdf guidance and their online Voice Board, potentially useful for podcasting.

I made a recording, as follows, on their website and on WestGa WebCT,
but cannot discover how to copy that from there and post here the Wimba sound file or link.

"Hello. Good morning.
I cannot find the recorded question anywhere
so I am guessing from listening to two of the above responses.
Here are three points about me ;-
(1) I am a teacher but still a student - lifelong education is my lifestyle.
(2) Students tell me what I need to learn or know about helping them learn - listen to your students.
(3) I think audio is a useful addition to the media we can use in education - the more the better.
So, what is your answer - which is false ?
All Best Wishes

(Total recording time 59 seconds)

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