22 April 2007

Technical Video

Hi Folks,
Technical video can have good educational value.
For example if one tries to explain a simple water leak using a photograph (shown here on the right), then the explanation may be not so clear. In such cases, a short technical video can help to bridge the communication gap, the receiver can email the video on to the technician, and the problem is resolved efficiently. Mobile phones can have a camera and video function too, to make and send a short video. The video is here (8.9MB) (25 secs) (mpg)
Alone at my friend's house deep in the high mountains, I took this photo and video last weekend for an educational technical purpose to show him the problem. The video was educational and served its purpose well, as he and you can see, perhaps. (Some folk may need to download the free Quicktime software for Windows to watch this mpg - click on Get Quicktime or in the top-left column.) And... since this also about changing file formats, here it is in Windows wmp format.
All Best Wishes

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