09 April 2007

Sounds like ...

Hi Folks !
Talking of audio-files...
It is becoming increasingly dangerous to listen to audiofiles : it is against the law in some few places to drive a car or even walk across the street with a green 'walk-across-ok' sign wearing earphones or listening to ipod-casts - called 'shiro-fone' in Japanese - a corruption /adaptation of 'white(=shiro)-headphones' referring to the white earplugs that come with the ipod.
In my lessons, I need sign-language to tell students to take off headphones and pay better attention to a whole-class discussion.

What I think may be of interest to you is the website at

There is a whole range of police car siren sounds
- depending on which you want to download for your mobile phone ring-tone...
Personally I like to go through the kitten sounds
- the 'findsounds' guys&gals provide the weblinks and the visual tone patterns - all in colour too!!

Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger ( http://members.iinet.net.au/~fitzac/tigger2.wav ) are there too, Simpsons etc etc etc
These can be added as very-small clickable hyperlinks on your powerpoint, for use during your next conference presentation
I mean the great sound clips you then set to repeat and increase in volume of a crowd clapping, and then cheering
http://sxm.funda.free.fr/Sonore/Applaus.wav - just what you need during your quick exit off stage after your boring bullet-point presentation :)

Enjoy !

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