04 April 2007

On navigation

Hi folks,
Well, though I am really busy busy reading about Adv Tech,
other tasks still engage some of my time.
I still read other stuff - such as ancient Chinese history, and
today on how to navigate at sea.

So what has all this to do with learning.
Well, continuous teaching and learning is necessary because of the
high turnover of technical staff as occurs in the navy, to pass the old expertise to the newcomers.
The most important point in learning to navigate is that the learning be done in context.
i.e. during actual navigation practice.

This undelines with yet another example that the context of learning is important.
For some students at a distance in a non-English-speaking country in a rural area
the box (computer) is their whole context. For some, the context is also their workplace.
For others the context is a hope or dream to be achieved -
and teachers need to be aware of these differences in context,
in order to better guide the student learning.

All Best Wishes

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