21 April 2007

Gabcast for Online Education

Hi Folks,
Can I embed html here ...
I wonder

Listen to my Gabcast above by clicking on the > play button,
or click on this hypertext for mp3 'Gabcast for Online Education', (0.5 MB) (62 seconds)

Aaha ! It works. (You may note I have edited the html downloaded from Gabcast.com to be simpler here.) For those of you with an internet connection and no output speakers, my Gabcast recording is ;

"Hello. Good morning.
Hi, Folks
Gabcast could be useful in an emergency when other media are unexpectedly not available or connectivity is disabled - for example, the receiver doesn't have a telephone to answer your call, but does have internet. However, its quality limits its use in normal circumstances of education where clear communication is the 'sine non qua' (that's Latin, not Japanese).
All Best Wishes

Well, I should like to add my thanks to WestGa for introducing this media to me. Their instructions were (in my case at least) clear enough for me to succeed in posting up my telephoned-in message. Noting some people have found Gabcast instructions to be difficult to follow, I went to the Gabcast London mirror site, which was just fine.
Thank you
All Best Wishes

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