16 May 2007

Compressed iMovie

Hi Folks, Greetings !

Singing in the rain, today - it is a grey day outside, but feeling much better inside.
Here is the 5.7MB compressed version Jupiter.mov

which plays on Quicktime on my Mac, and on Real-Player for Mac.
It is small but full length 4m26s, and it opens and plays immediately with no download delay.
Enjoy !

Next I must write out the Instructions for Mac Users (before I forget)
in case someone else needs any help.
I feature in the above iMovie in heart, voice and e-presence, but with no face - in order to assert my stand on objectivity over subjectivity - I don't want viewers to swoon over my blond hair and blue eyes. Regarding online safety, beware the piano player is underage. The uncompressed movie in the earlier post had my hand lines and fingerprint whorls for identification.
All Best Wishes


Janet P Gubbins said...

Excellent instructional podcast - I love the way you opened with a brief lecture/ intro including screen shots of the written music sheet - and included a video of a recent performance. I also love your accent!

Dr Pam Miller said...

Nice! You had decent software to use. One day I will have good software. In the meantime I used trail versions.