04 May 2007

Introducing Podcasting

Hi Folks,
Well it has been a long day, and I am looking forward to another busy day tomorrow.
Here, I am pleased to introduce my podcast to you.

The first series has three episodes about using audio files in education.
Episode 1.1 : Introduction to using Audio Files ( m4a 9.1MB 6m29s )
Episode 1.2 : Creating your own Audio (not yet published)
Episode 1.3 : Assessing the Benefits (not yet published)

My podcast graphics for putting into iTunes is above - that was yesterday's work.
Below you can listen to Episode 1 which I created using Mac Garageband and a USB microphone (my first effort, so please don’t knock it), copied to iTunes, then dragged the file onto the desktop, as m4a or mpeg4. All this was done off-line, on a laptop with battery power (just to illustrate the power of Mac over online-Odeo-with connectivity-problems). I then uploaded the m4a Garageband file to iMac Podcasting and the feed is at feed://homepage.mac.com/paulkawachi/Series1/rss.xml
I then converted from iTunes m4a audio file to mp3 and wav, and uploaded these to my website. The direct links to the mp3 audio-file (6.2MB) is here, and to the plain-simple-PC wav audio-file (68.6MB) is here. For deaf readers and 508-compliance, here is the script-text as pdf.
Enjoy listening to my podcast !

I will podcast Episode 2 and Episode 3 tomorrow, and test out Odeo for a comparison and talk to you later.
All Best Wishes

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