05 May 2007

Introducing Podcasting continued ...

Hi Folks,
Greetings. Here are the three episodes in my first podcast series.
The topic of this series is using audio in education.
Episode 1.1 : Introduction to using Audio Files ( mp3 6.2MB 6m29s ) pdf
Episode 1.2 : Creating your own Audio ( mp3 5.8MB 6m24s ) pdf
Episode 1.3 : Assessing the Benefits ( mp3 7.0MB 7m08s ) pdf

These were created using Mac Garageband and a USB microphone, copied to iTunes, then dragged from iTunes onto the desktop, as m4a or mpeg4, then Switched to mp3 and uploaded to here, and to my podcast rss feed on iMac Podcasting at feed://homepage.mac.com/paulkawachi/Series1/rss.xml, as you can see here . Yesterday, I uploaded also a wav version of Episode 1.1 at 68.6MB --- a ten-fold memory size in contrast to mp3 at 6.2MB. So, for those of you without Quicktime, download the free Quicktime player here.
I have also uploaded these three mp3 audio files to Odeo and the podcast feed to those is here .
Subscribe to My Odeo Podcast
or if the above links don't work (so much trouble with Odeo), then simply paste the feed view URL http://odeo.com/channel/381313/view into your blogbridge or other podcast aggregator.
Now I must check if the iTunes-store can access these feeds for public subscription, and if I can download ? the series to my brand-new iPod . . .
All Best Wishes

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