21 May 2007

Successful Impatica

Hello Folks,
I have played around a couple of days with Impatica. At the outset here I would suggest to you to avoid using a file name that includes a hyphen, dash, underscore, or space. These are potentially problematic for Impatica. Most importantly, I found that we need to upload three files to the same folder for the html to playback in a browser. The three files are the Impatica-generated ones after clicking 'done', that appear in the folder where the original ppt was dragged from into Impatica for translation. The three files are the name.html, name.imp, and ImPlayer300.jar . I also uploaded to the same folder the associated screen grabs showing the achieved compression, and the final player Title slide in my browser, similar to my earlier post - but working !! You can click on the Title picture to go directly to the html file here in this post.
My earlier effort below came through a little too quietly for my liking. Therefore this time round, I set Impatica to not compress the sound file - giving a larger 7.6MB result (compared with the quieter 1.6MB).

So here are my 20 ppt slides compressed from 166.9MB (a slight increase over the previous 164.3MB since the narration on slide 3 was cut short previously and that has now been re-recorded) down to 7.6MB.
Notice the Impatica translation time was 1 hr 10 m.

And the resulting http://www.open-ed-podcasting.net/library/RLO/GlobaleLearning.html plays perfectly 16m15s by clicking on the picture below

The full printable version is downloadable here as GlobaleLearningText.pdf
All Best Wishes

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