14 May 2007

My Current Plans

Hi Folks,
My current plan is to work on recording new video, make a few still jpg for insertion including title / subtitles and so on, and then use iMovie to add new audio, synchronize all these, compress and post up here. The eventual vlog posting will probably not be interesting to non-Jupiter members, and is really a practice run for me, featuring new Jupiter music. Synchronizing the piano keyboard movements with the audio track will be one foreseeable difficulty - and avoidable too if I had chosen another topic. I want to test out and learn the technological aspects first, prior to embarking on a useful reusable iMovie ...
My main plan is then to take short video clips and still photos, to build up the various graphics-board, text-board, and then sound-board (being careful to keep notes on everything, as I described earlier in my post 'Moving along' on 7 May) ) on an educationally useful topic - about how to teach large classes. The resulting vlog could then become a so-called reusable learning object (RLO).
I hope this will all be achieved this week.
All Best Wishes

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