20 May 2007


Hi Folks,
Well Impatica works fine for me compressing my 20 ppt slides from 164.3MB down to 1.6MB.
As you can see here

And the resulting rlo-01.html plays perfectly on my desktop, as this shows

The full printable version is downloadable here as Impatica-01.pdf
That said, I have uploaded everything I can find of Impatica which should include the Impatica applet to play the movie, but alas java says it cannot find the upper level folder ... so a bit puzzled at the moment. Folks may try the following link which works well on my desktop http://www.open-ed.net/rlo-01.html
Puzzled - does it come through on PC ? with Impatica installed ?
All Best Wishes

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Stacey said...

Hi Paul:

I viewed your Impatica presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed the soothing music that played when I first started viewing it. You are so cool Paul and I enjoyed hearing your voice. The audio sounds great. Excellent job.