02 May 2007

ISO for Quality Assurance in Online Education

Hi Folks,
Took a day off yesterday, shoved all the print-outs and papers off my desk into a box (tidying-up was the ‘work’ for the day), and spent the day relaxing in the garden.

On a more serious note, sooner or later, online courses are going to have to compete on the basis of quality assurance. And by quality assurance, I mean ISO certification with Section 508 compliance, (for openness and inclusivity). Especially, the Joint Technical Committee of the ISO and the IEC has several Sub-Committees, one of which SC36 deals with using information technology for learning, education, and training. See http://jtc1sc36.org for details. I have been an observer participant on the discussions of the IEEE to establish these standards based on my interest in the definitions of terms. Hence my collection of definitions I collate and continually update on my website library with free access to all at http://www.open-ed.net/library/definitions.html.

I give a brief overview of ISO 9004 : 2000 Standards (an extension of 9001) for quality assurance in education for teachers and course providers in my ppt A2-slides in the free-access RLO-elearning Courseware on my website at http://www.open-ed.net/e-learning/slides.html.

Folks may be interested to know these ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36 Standards should be ready in a few weeks’ time. Watch this space for an update.
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