15 May 2007


Hi Folks,
This is an Mac iMovie compressed as file.mov at 4 minutes 26 seconds.
Click here for Jupiter
or click the picture below. Please be patient for it takes about one minute to download, as it involves still photos, title-boards, and synchronized music to video - well, almost synchronized ;)
Tomorrow I'll try to compress it further by reducing the quality - when you will lose some sound and video quality.
It is important, so I will mention it here, that such published stuff be cleared for copyright, and the pictures used of Holst and of his music are in the public domain free-of-copyright. The final product is copyrighted by me, however.
Now after viewing the video, did you see how many white keys there are ??
52 of course - twice the number of letters in the roman alphabet ... and if you have playing cards you will know that the number of letters needed ( a c e t w o t h r e e f o u r f i v e s i x s e v e n e i g h t n i n e t e n j a c k q u e e n k i n g ) is exactly 52.
Well that's all for tonight ! It is 4.00 a.m. Wednesday morning here - time for an hour's sleep before work !

All Best Wishes

For the uncompressed 21MB version, click on the picture NewJupiter.mov

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