06 May 2007

More on My Podcasting

Hi Folks,
It seems Odeo as a host for podcasting does have its idiosyncrasies.
I re-started with a new email address and new account there for
Open Education Network Podcasting
and this seems to be working much better. In case the Odeo logo below dies, then you can see here it was working once.
My Odeo Podcast
Previously on Odeo, my old audio files were set as 'not in a podcast' (see here) , but nevertheless still came through in the podcast view, and my first podcasting episode was up in saved audio in the podcast, but did not come through into iTunes.
I recommend all you folks to set up a new Odeo account purely for your podcast files, to avoid these hassles.
I have subscribed to the old Open Education Network, and now to the new
Open Education Network Podcasting
successfully in iTunes (see here) . and successfully pasted the feed URL (see here) http://odeo.com/channel/411283/rss.xml
into Blogbridge (see here) .
Aaah the trials and tribulations of life as a student !
All Best Wishes

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