23 May 2007

Reflecting ...

Hi Folks,
Please let me include two points somewhat related.
(1) While earlier I believed that yellow letters on a dark blue background are best - this was in the context I was accustomed to for conferences where slides are projected from a far distance. This is quite unlike the situation viewing a computer screen, where I would now endorse the WestGa tutorial view that dark letters on a white background may be best. Indeed I have my RLO and my websites in such colours - see below. This implies that we should produce the message to suit the media.

(2) RollsRoyce as you know build the coachwork and import the car engine from Ford (and take the Ford engine apart, polish it up until it runs smoothly), stick the price tag on all this and sell cars that run beautifully. Not unlike Impatica coachwork using a Powerpoint engine. Now Apple Mac have created (not any better word perhaps) the slide-maker system 'Keynote' that works fully digitally with pixel by pixel positioning and digital colour matching (unlike Impatica and Powerpoint). And I use keynote to make my slides. A screen grab is given below. They may take time to download, but that has yet to be discovered (Powerpoint files are largely analogue pictures with concomitant massive file sizes - while fully digital positioning etc in Mac are smaller file sizes). So here goes ... I took a set of keynote slides, saved-as html, and uploaded here with navigation controls. Let's see how they look.
All Best Wishes
Just click on the picture and watch the online slideshow -
or click here http://www.open-ed.net/library/RLO/rlo27.html
For techies out there the html is 24kB, and all the 16 slides come through at 1.5MB, they load instantly and playback ->-> beautifully. Now I don't have to convert all my Mac slides to Powerpoint - but nonetheless am deeply reading Impatica, and will try out some new stuff in the next few days. I suspect Impatica can compress Mac files with a little tweaking.

(Mac also does keynote save-as quicktime movie etc - tomorrow, ok?)

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